What We Do

Yair Leolam has established itself as an organization that empowers children to reach out and respond to the needs of the Jewish community.  While tragedy and misfortune doesn’t discriminate between households, Yair Leolam is there to inspire and encourage youth to provide a helping hand. We are particularly proud of all the acts of kindness done by children for children…

Here is a glimpse of What We Do

Bar mitzvah celebrations

BBQ for Lone Soldiers

Big Brother for kids in need

Carnival for kids in orphanage

Carnival for kids at war

Carnival for Kids with developmental disabilities

Carnival for kids with special needs

Carnival for victims of terror (one family fund)

Chanukah at orhphange in Sanhedria

Dance groups for victims of war

Food packaging for the needy

Magician for needy kids

Pesach Seder for the elderly

Pre-chanukah dancing with orphanage

Purim carnival for kids with broken homes

School activities for children in need

School chessed programs

Simcha layeled

Summer leadership pics

YTS with ALEH children