Mission and Vision

Yair Elmaleh, z”l, passed away at the untimely age of 34 years on January 24, 2007. In his short life span he was known for his incredible warmth and love of humanity. Yair was involved in a myriad of Chesed organizations and ran 16countless leadership programs that aimed at inspiring youth to get involved with and connect to their communities.

Yair Leolam’s mission is to perpetuate Yair’s legacy of benevolence and leadership by creating a movement that embraces an ideology and practice of altruism, humanitarianism and volunteerism.

The vision of Yair Leolam is to empower and inspire young people to believe in themselves and in their abilities to assist others and to learn to identify communal needs. Yair Leolam aims to provide a variety of educational and volunteer service based programs in reaching out to those who share in its mission.