staff_01Rabbi Gil Elmaleh, Ph.D., Founder and President USA: 516-204-4464 Israel: 052-618-6666

Rabbi Gil Elmaleh created Yair Leolam in 2007 after the sudden death of his twin brother, Yair z”l, so that he could perpetuate his brother’s legacy of giving to and empowering others. Rabbi Elmaleh has been involved in formal and informal Jewish education for many years and currently serves as Dean of Students at Yeshivat Torat Shraga, Jerusalem.  He lectures to youth worldwide on topics related to leadership and maintains a clinical practice in Israel.

Mr. Mark Lehrman, Director      Israel: 054-227-2890

Mark Lehrman was the executive director of Yeshiva University in Israel and has held various management roles for non-profit Jewish institutions, such as NCSY, Camp HASC, and Yeshiva University in Israel. He has extensive experience in non-profit administration, community outreach, and volunteer management. Mark brings with him a refreshing and strong sense of integrity and ethical behavior and is instrumental in shaping the focus of Yair Leolam in reaching out to youth in Israel and abroad.


Mrs. Suzanne Litman, Executive USA Board Member

USA: 516-303-7038

Mrs. Suzanne Litman was a friend to Yair Elmaleh z”l and has been extremely active in supporting Yair Leolam’s programs in the USA. She has much experience in the fields of education as well as community organization and has been honored by many for her volunteerism and devotion to the Jewish community. Suzanne’s commitment and devotion to the mission of Yair Leolam knows no bounds and she has served as Treasurer for the organization since its inception.  Suzanne and her husband, Charles, are the proud parents of Michelle (Litman) and Gil Elmaleh.