Conferences and Seminars

The Yair Leolam Seminars

Yair Leolam is looking to target potential student leaders in the 8th grade that are interested in making a difference in people’s lives.  Based on years of experience in working with this population in the Yair Leolam Summer Leadership Programs, students of this age group have the potential of becoming effective leaders in responding to the needs of their community.  In addition, although various ‘leadership’ programs already exist for high school age groups, this is a population that is rarely targeted and often ignored.

The seminars will consist of inspiring multimedia sessions that will focus on a spectrum of empowering topics that are both practical and motivational.  Seminars will cover topics related to effective communication, accountability and responsibility, empathy and other leadership related themes.  Initially, the seminars will be piloted in the NY-NJ area, but will eventually run across North America/Canada.

If your school is interested in hosting a leadership seminar or conference, please fill out the school application form and a Yair Leolam representative will be in touch with you.