Summer Leadership Programs

The Yair Leolam Summer Leadership Programs

Yair Leolam runs summer leadership program for youth who are in 6th through 10th grade. Participants actively contribute to those in need – helping people with disabilities, visiting sick children, inspiring the elderly, building new roads and paths, packaging food for the hungry, strengthening victims of terror, preparing gifts for the IDF, and much more!  Currently, there is a separate boys and girls program in Ramat Bet Shemesh and due to great interest we are looking to extend to other communities in Israel.

The summer programs combine an educational, recreational, and social element in its day to day activities, balancing both a sense of fun and meaning. The program includes daily informal shiurim/chaburot, chessed, tiyulim, swimming, arts and crafts (girls’ program), sports, leadership training, and other recreational activities.

The Yair Leolam Leadership Summer Programs  aims to inspire and empower youth to become leaders and role models in their communities.  Torah learning takes place daily with an emphasis on tikun midot as well as  mitzvot ben adam lechaveiro.  While each participant experiences a fun-filled full schedule of recreational “camp” activities, they also learn about becoming aware of and responding to the needs of klal yisrael.

The Yair Leolam Summer Leadership Program is built on the foundation of Torat Chessed. Through the integration of amazing scheduled recreational and leadership activities, participants are empowered to become leaders and role models in the respective schools and communities. A special interactive leadership curriculum is utilized throughout the summer for participants of all ages, providing each person with the knowledge and skills to make his/her individual impact in the world.