Be Part of Yair Leolam

The Yair Leolam Summer Leadership Programs

Yair Leolam runs summer leadership program for youth who are in 6th through 10th grade. Participants actively contribute to those in need – helping people with disabilities, visiting sick children, inspiring the elderly, building new roads and paths, packaging food for the hungry, strengthening victims of terror, preparing gifts for the IDF, and much more!  Currently, there is a separate boys and girls program in Ramat Bet Shemesh and due to great interest we are looking to extend to other communities in Israel.

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The Yair Leolam Seminars

Yair Leolam is looking to target potential student leaders in the 8th grade that are interested in making a difference in people’s lives.  Based on years of experience in working with this population in the Yair Leolam Summer Leadership Programs, students of this age group have the potential of becoming effective leaders in responding to the needs of their community.  In addition, although various ‘leadership’ programs already exist for high school age groups, this is a population that is rarely targeted and often ignored.

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The Yair Leolam Tikkun Olam Initiative – Project SHINE

Yair Leolam is looking to motivate junior high and high school students to create innovative Chesed projects in their communities. Jewish schools throughout North America will have an opportunity to participate in a national Chesed  contest, where their students will have an opportunity to submit their unique proposals for creating a Chesed project in their communities. Submissions will be judged on their creativity and real ability to address the needs of the Jewish community.

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